Our Mission Is To:

  1. Cultivate musical excellence and a spirit of cooperation in young musicians;
  2. Be committed to the principles of comprehensive inclusiveness; that being, no child is denied access to a musical education that includes performance.
  3. Provide an educational model that ensures every child we serve has the opportunity to perform music with enjoyment; and,
  4. Create opportunities for audiences to experience the hoy, beauty, & exuberance of remarkable musical performances.


Red Note Youth Orchestra is a member of Ars Musica, A Non-profit Charitable Organization operating exclusively for Educational and Charitable Purposes. It was organized for the expressed purpose of developing the musical abilities, interests, and community appreciation for music through the operation of performance ensembles such as the:

Red Note Youth Orchestra | Red Note Youth Chorus

Its purpose also includes the enhancement of the total musical experience available to youth of all ages, and the development of community involvement and support of the Arts to ensure the vibrancy and financial health of the organization for future generations.

Ars Musica, as Steering Committee Participant, is affiliated with:

The Arts Advocacy Project

Harmony Project of America

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