Musical Growth

The Red Note Youth Orchestra is dedicated to the artistic development of a new Generation of musicians, while building audiences to support them. Participants receive training in music, while having wonderful opportunities to enhance musical growth, study new works, develop leadership skills, and perform some of the finest repertoire available with excellence. All applicants are accepted, regardless of musical ability, and without regard to gender, race, religion, disability, or income. Audition are used solely for seating and placement in ensembles.

General Information

Programs offered by the Red Note Youth Orchestra are designed to be supplemental to school music programs. Our orchestra members participate in their school music programs whenever they are offered, and are encouraged to take advantage of a wide range of school music activities. It is important that parents and children understand the time commitment involved when participating in the Red Note Youth Orchestra. A detailed outline of expectations are listed within the PDF forms provided.


All prospective musicians are required to complete and mail an application for each concert season. A non-refundable $50 application fee is required to process your application.


No child, regardless of age and/or ability level, is denied participation in the Red Note Youth Orchestra or access to its educational resources.

Auditions allow the staff and artistic director determine appropriate seating and ensemble for participation. If your child is a beginner, No audition video is required. Simply state ‘Beginner’ on the application and note the instrument your child would like to play. All children who are returning to the Red Note Youth Orchestra, must submit an audition video. An application and non-refundable deposit must be received in our business office before we will review any electronic video.


(1) Completed Application and Deposit to the Business Office.

(2) One piece demonstrating your best skills.  Students interesting in serving as the section chair leader or in our touring ensemble are encouraged to submit two (2) Short, Contrasting Pieces (Or Movements), preferably from the list below;

(3) Two (2) One-Octave Scales. A student is invited to challenge him/herself by submitting 2-octave scales.

(4) YouTube video submission. See Audition guidelines and Repertoire below for submission guidelines;

(5) Deadline for Submission is 11:59 P.M. on September 3rd, 2017 for late registration.  Students may be admitted until October 1, 2017 and students will be accepted again midyear in January 2018.

Get In Touch

If you still have questions regarding the audition process for musicians, please feel free to use our contact form and someone will be in touch to answer your questions and help guide you through the audition process.

    Audition Guidelines

    Milton Young Musicians Festival has assembled a listing of selection guideline for student musician auditions. You may quickly and easily refer to the guidelines for your instrument and level by selecting your instrument and downloading the printable PDF document below. We recommend that the student consult with his or her teacher to decide which pieces to perform. The teacher will be able to recognize the selections on our guidelines list, determine the suitable and comfortable level of difficulty for the student, and select specific pieces for the student to prepare and perform.

    Since preparation involves hours of practice, we want the student to select a piece which he or she loves. This page provides general guidelines instead of specific compositions, so that these pieces are not the only acceptable pieces. Students should be working on or able to play music at the level indicated by these suggestions.

    After selecting his or her repertoire, it is the student’s responsibility to purchase the music. Many of the works can also be obtained by searching IMSLP, a public domain sheet music site that houses original scores and parts.

    Scales are to be performed in eighth notes at a consistent tempo of at least 92 beats per minute. Strings bow every note and wind instruments use ‘TAH’ articulation.

    Recording Suggestions

    (1) Record a video of your performance with your face, body and instrument in the frame. You may record as many takes as needed to submit your best performance, but only include one take per scale and piece in your video. There may be cuts between the playing of each scale and piece, but please make sure the editing is smooth and the viewer can watch and listen through the entire submission continuously.

    (2) Title the video with your full name and instrument (Ex. Joshua Bell Violin or YO-YO MA Cello or Wynton Marsalis Trumpet). Double check that the video and audio are both clear before sharing the video.

    (3) Upload the video in an Unlisted Channel on YouTube. Send a link to:


    First rehearsal is set for Sept 10th, 2017. On occasion, the panel will announce results once a section of instrument auditions has been completed.